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    Version mmi 3g audi q5 I need Czech or Slovak language. Starting with MMI 3G system an integrated joystick in the main control dial can be used to for example navigate the map. После установки Вы сможете до оснастить свой автомобиль камерами кругового обзора 2013 и много, много другое. Available for download by Audi dealer beginning May, 2014. Please check if this works for you as well! I bought this to do so: Version mmi 3g audi q5 cable connects to a port on left of the steering column right above the foot rest. Thanks for the help! I just got 2015 Touareg TDI lux, and the code generator worked just fine. Once you know this number you can write to that adaptation channel and set the threshold to any value you want to, whenever you want to and as many times as you like. My local shop charges above Aud 400 for the cable. Somepne suggested that it could be that because I have the tech pack that I can see the number. Thanks a lot This worked on my A1 Sline with technology pack. NAR 2017 Edition Factory installed 8R0 051 884 EN NAR 6. I have a 2010 Q7. Any one in the Chicago area has the VAG COM cable that can help me with this? Musicvideos from SD Card absolut great. This problem has been around since 2010 after I read all the comments. And than i go to find option CAR but it is not in green menu. I can see lots of options on e-bay etc, but not sure of exactly what I am looking for. This screen disappeared after the values were installed, screen went blank then rebooted as instructed. On MMI 3G — yes. Car Auto Vagcom Vag10. Version mmi 3g audi q5 Just want to make sure I acquire the correct kit. Then if you follow the instructions on this site you will see the serial number. Tq Where can I find the cable. It seems to me that I am not the only one confused. To restart the MMI 2G on my car I had to press the TEL button, the control button and the small button at the top right simultaneously. TO REBOOT Need to press the Big knob, TONE and top right soft key together. Just curious if this is something that maybe just EU have dvd players in there dash and us members do not, I cant see that though as i know people who have it working on mmi systems. I have an Audi A7 2014.

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